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Business contracts are part of the day-to-day operations for small and midsize businesses and are essential for your company. The best way to protect your interests and achieve your goals is to work with an experienced business contracts attorney.

At Ryan G. Cole Law, PLLC, we negotiate, prepare, and review business contracts for clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have comprehensive knowledge of Texas contract law and work to create well-conceived agreements that protect our clients from potential liabilities. When you work with us, you will be confident with our business and commercial law attorneys in your corner. Contact us today for a consultation.

About Business Contracts

A business contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties, typically regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services or other business transactions. A properly structured contract will clarify the rights and obligations of the parties involved and specify the conditions of the agreement. In a service contract, for example, this includes:

  • When a project must be completed
  • What goods or services must be provided 
  • When payment for products or services is due

Failure by either party to fulfill their contractual obligations can lead to disputes and costly litigation, so having competent and skilled representation is essential. 

How Our Business Contracts Attorney Can Help

We have extensive experience drafting a wide range of business contracts, including: 

  • Purchase and sales agreements – Whether you are buying or selling goods, services, or business shares, we will prepare a contract that supports the mutual objectives of the parties and protects your rights and interests.
  • Partnership agreements – A well-conceived partnership agreement will spell out the rights and obligations of each partner, clarify decision-making authority, and establish a method for resolving disputes.
  • Operating agreements – If you are forming a new business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), an operating agreement outlines the business’s financial and operational decisions.
  • Shareholder agreements – A shareholder agreement between the owners of a corporation (shareholders) or the owners of an LLC (members/partners) establishes rules governing their rights and obligations to each other.
  • Lease agreements – Our contracts attorney regularly negotiates and prepares commercial leases and equipment leases.
  • Employment agreements – Many employers in Dallas and the surrounding area utilize employment agreements to clarify the terms and conditions of the employment relationship.
  • Non-compete agreements – Employment contracts typically include non-compete provisions barring employees from taking positions with competitors or starting a competing business once the employment relationship ends.
  • Nondisclosure agreements – We help businesses protect their trade secrets and confidential business information by preparing legally enforceable nondisclosure agreements.

You can depend on our Dallas business contracts attorney to help create well-conceived agreements that enable you to engage in successful transactions.

Commercial Agreements

Whether entering commercial transactions, providing services to clients, buying or leasing commercial property, or securing financing, having properly structured business contracts is essential. At Ryan G. Cole Law, PLLC, we negotiate and prepare commercial contracts such as: 

  • Consulting agreements
  • Customer-facing agreements
  • Loans and leases
  • Master service agreements 
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Vendor agreements

When you work with us, our business contracts attorney will review and analyze contract provisions to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, evaluate the potential legal risks, and help you engage in a successful commercial transaction. 

Why Choose Us?

At Ryan G. Cole Law, PLLC, we understand the importance of business contracts and provide our clients with comprehensive legal services. Our contracts attorneys can help to negotiate and prepare an agreement that achieves your objectives and minimizes the risk of disputes.

Ultimately, a well-conceived contract can help to establish a business relationship that allows your company to thrive. On the other hand, a poorly structured business contract can lead to disputes, financial losses, costly litigation, and damage to your business’s reputation. 

By working with our accomplished business and commercial law attorneys, you can avoid these pitfalls and achieve your goals. We work to design business contracts that prevent disputes and clarify each party’s rights and obligations. When contract disputes arise, we work to reach negotiated settlements but are always ready to litigate when necessary.  

Contact Our Experienced Dallas-Fort Worth Business Contracts Attorney

Whether you need assistance negotiating and drafting a business contract, reviewing contracts prepared by other parties, or resolving a contract dispute, turn to Ryan G. Cole Law, PLLC. Our commercial law attorneys will help you navigate all aspects of negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and litigating business contracts. Contact us today to get started.

Ryan G. Cole Law PLLC advises small and midsize businesses on business contracts throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, and Tarrant County.